[Xapian-discuss] scriptindex memory usage

Jim Spath jspath at pangeamedia.com
Fri Nov 16 22:13:45 GMT 2007

scriptindex is using well over 200MB of RAM to build our search index.

Is this normal?

If it is normal, is there anything I can do to reduce the memory usage? 
  This is quickly going to become a problem from a resources standpoint.

FYI, we are indexing around 20k items, 18k of which are active.  The 
resulting data file that we build for scriptindex to process ends up at 
about 12MB.

The sizes of the Xapian database files are:

  position: 147MB
  postlist: 88MB
  record:   7MB
  termlist: 65MB
  value:    1.5MB

I can provide the indexer_script configuration file if that would help 
as well.

- Jim

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