[Xapian-discuss] scriptindex memory usage

Jim Spath jspath at pangeamedia.com
Wed Nov 21 13:50:59 GMT 2007

Kevin Duraj wrote:
> Dear Jim,
> My scriptindex uses 7.2 GB of memory when indexing 56 millions of
> documents. Xapian memory indexing usage is based on
> XAPIAN_FLUSH_THRESHOLD envrionment variable. The default is 10K, mine
> is 1 million.

I wasn't aware this variable existed, I'll have to try it out.  Thanks!

> I have switch all memory slots to 2GB memory modules and
> have been throwing 500MB memory modules to garbage. If you send me
> self adress envelope with postage I will send you back couple of 500MB
> memory modules. It will be more than double what you need.

We're running on a Xen virtual instance so all we need to do is to 
upgrade the instance if we want more memory... but I like to optimize 
the process first, then add resources.

- Jim

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