[Xapian-discuss] Phrase Search on Stemmed Data

Deniz Dalli dalli at capsid.com
Sat Jan 12 17:30:56 GMT 2008

>> If a querystring with a phrase occurs 
>> now, I won't get a match if there have been words with leading capital 
>> letters occur (during indexing).
> This sounds like a bug - capitalisation shouldn't make a difference in a
> phrase.  If I test this, I find that both these cases parse the same:
>     " Xapian QueryParser" parses queries
>     " xapian queryparser" parses queries
> Both parse as:
> Xapian::Query(((xapian:(pos=1) PHRASE 2 queryparser:(pos=2)) OR Zpars:(pos=3) OR Zqueri:(pos=4)))
I'm sorry you are completely right (I guess i was using STEM_ALL, as I 
tested it)

I came up with the wrong example, this is the right one for this:

>>"Xapian QueryParser" Parses Queries<<

and leads to

 >>Performing query Xapian::Query(((xapian:(pos=1) PHRASE 2 
queryparser:(pos=2)) OR parses:(pos=3) OR queries:(pos=4)))<<

with no stemming

Ok, if I'm thinking of all of that this example may be far-fetched

> Or perhaps the problem is with the indexing.  Are you using TermGenerator?


> If you're able to come up with a patch, that would be great.  Some
> automated testcases (tests/queryparsertest.cc) would be even better.

I'll see what I can do on that

Thank you,

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