[Xapian-discuss] Problem encountered when creating a .deb of Search::Xapian 1.0.5

Matthew Somerville matthew at mysociety.org
Fri Jan 25 14:21:48 GMT 2008


I was in the process of installing Xapian 1.0.5 on a Debian etch server for 
use by both Perl and PHP. I installed the .deb binaries fine using apt-get, 
and our policy is to have Debian packages for all our installed software, so 
I went about packaging Search::Xapian.

"dh-make-perl --cpan Search::Xapian" failed with an error in line 119 of 
Makefile.PL. This is the line that tries to open the newly created Makefile 
so that it can do a Xapian version compare check. After investigation, it 
turns out that dh-make-perl (this is etch's 0.25) uses 
Module::Depends::Intrusive to perform module dependency checks, which in 
turn captures the output of running Makefile.PL, which means the file isn't 
there when Makefile.PL tries to open it. I think :)

Commenting out the version check section of Makefile.PL (having manually 
checked I had the right version!) let dh-make-perl run fine and the package 
is built, installed and runs fine.

Not sure where exactly the problem lies, but thought I'd document it on the 
list in case it happens to anyone else.


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