PuTTY 0.51 is released

Simon Tatham anakin@pobox.com
Thu, 14 Dec 2000 14:16:54 +0000

PuTTY version 0.51 is released.

All the pre-built binaries, and the source code, are now available
from the PuTTY website at


There haven't been very many new features since version 0.50. This
is mostly a bug fix release.

There are two big new features, and they are:

  - Addition of PuTTYgen, an RSA key generator. PuTTY can now
    generate its own keys for use in authentication.

  - SSH compression is now implemented.

Most of the other changes are bug fixes and security improvements. I
think a total of 18 bugs have been fixed since 0.50. In particular:

  - `Lost connection while sending', when you try to paste too much
    text at a time, doesn't happen any more.

  - `Server failed host key check', occurring randomly in SSH 2,
    doesn't happen any more.

  - `Default Settings' is now back on the saved session list, and
    the various strange effects of its absence (such as undeletable
    sessions) aren't happening any more.

Enjoy using PuTTY!

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