[Snowball-discuss] Welcome to the new list

Richard Boulton richard@tartarus.org
04 Sep 2002 01:29:57 +0100

Welcome to the newly moved Snowball-discuss mailing list.  This email
should contain the address for posting new messages and the URL for
setting your options in its footer, but just in case:

Send new messages to <snowball-discuss@lists.tartarus.org>, instead of
the old lists.sourceforge.net address.

Unfortunately, the passwords used to administer mailing list options
have been reset: you will need to request your password to be emailed to
you in order to change any options.  You can do this by going to:
(Where username is your email address), and clicking on the 
"Email my password to me" button.

All other aspects of the mailing list should function as before.  I will
be bringing the Archive of messages up shortly.

Please email me directly (at richard@tartarus.org) if you have any problems.


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