[Snowball-discuss] problems with Finnish

Martin Porter martin_porter@softhome.net
Mon Sep 23 12:06:01 2002

>I've just had a quick look at this.  As far as I can tell, the function
>call stuff _is_ implemented in the Java version: 

Nevertheless, that seems to be the problem. 'aarteeseen' has 'seen' removed
if the function finds 'ee' before it in Alex's example, and if the function
is called wrongly you'll get the effect he reports.

Alex, I've tried compiling and running the Java stemmer for Finnish, but am
held back by my ignorance of Java. Richard is held back by problems with his
version of Java. We're meeting up Sunday all being well and will look at it
further then.

Meanwhile, you might care to look at the problem area:

>the "find_among" function in  net/sf/snowball/SnowballProgram.java with
>that in q/utilities.c.  The function call stuff in the Java version
>involves storing the name of the routine in the Among class, and using
>introspection to call the appropriate routine when desired.