[Snowball-discuss] new version of perl interface (Lingua-Stem-Snowball-0.03.2.tar.gz)

Oleg Bartunov oleg@sai.msu.su
Fri Oct 10 12:30:02 2003

On Thu, 9 Oct 2003, Olly Betts wrote:

> On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 05:43:31PM +0400, Oleg Bartunov wrote:
> > please try new version of perl interface to snowball
> > Get it from http://openfts.sourceforge.net/contributions.shtml
> The OmSeek project referenced there has been renamed Xapian.  The new
> URL is http://www.xapian.org/ - could you update the link?


> Xapian actually now uses the Snowball stemmers.  These give slightly
> different results to the stemmers we used to supply (which were also
> implemented by Martin Porter), but we believe the Snowball stemmers'
> results to be generally better.
> Cheers,
>     Olly

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