[Snowball-discuss] Problems with step 5 in the Porter2 algorithm

Martin Porter martin.porter@grapeshot.co.uk
Sat Oct 18 16:16:02 2003

>Should I check just DIRECTLY in front of the ending e, or shouldn't there=
>ANY short syllables at all in the word before the ending e?


Check DIRECTLY before the e. If e is in R1, but not in R2, you must have a
pattern [C]VCe, where C is a list of consonants; V a list of vowels. [C]
means the list of consonants may be absent. [C]VC is short if V is one
vowel, and the final C one consonant other than w,x,Y. So you don't remove
the e from ape, tape, scrape, but you do from able, table, whistle, house,
goose, grieve.