[Snowball-discuss] German Stremmer

bombastik at blu.it bombastik at blu.it
Mon May 2 12:35:48 BST 2005

Hi! My name is Filippo Padovani and i am a student of the university of Udine, Italy.

I'm doing a research about the German stemmers' performances and efficiency, and i've read your
solution. So i would like to ask you if you have a java version of your algorithm(the second or the first

 variant) and, if yes, if you could send it to my e-mail address. I would also ask you another favour: 

i've seen on the web many of projects and algorithms about German Stemmer but i can't read in 

detail all of them, so i would ask what sites, algorithms or projects are, in your opinion more 

interesting and with the best perormances. Thank you so much for your attention,

                                                                                                      Filippo Padovani

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