[Snowball-discuss] Snowball->C# compiler

Bradley Grainger bgrainger at logos.com
Thu Apr 26 22:29:40 BST 2007

> I'm not a Windows user, so I'm not sure how best to use the Visual C++

> project; I have mono installed on my system, so I'll see if I can get 
> your addition working with that.

Since I am a Windows user, it was easier for me to create a new Visual
C++ Project, rather than ensure I had a good GNU build environment on my
system before editing the makefile (to include generator_csharp.c).
There's nothing special about the project; I would hope that if you
modify the makefile, the new code builds successfully on your platform.

I think it would be good to ensure that the generated C# code runs on
both Microsoft's CLR and mono. If it doesn't work right out of the box,
please let me know; I can download mono and see what adjustments might
be necessary.


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