[Snowball-discuss] latin stemmer -> java

Dirk Rothe d.rothe at semantics.de
Tue Dec 1 10:26:39 GMT 2009

On Tue, 01 Dec 2009 10:51:30 +0100, Richard Boulton <richard at tartarus.org>  

> 2009/12/1 Dirk Rothe <d.rothe at semantics.de>:
>> I've recreated the .java class, but it's still failing. I'm using "javac
>> 1.6.0_17" (windows) - the latest SDK from SUN. There are now less error
>> messages, so things have improved. Here's the full output:
> I'm sorry - I have no idea why it's still failing for you.  It's now
> working fine for me, so I suspect it must be something to do with your
> lucene build environment.  I suggest comparing the
> SnowballProgram.java file in lucene (probably in
> D:\pylucene\pylucene-2.9.1-1\lucene-java-2.9.1\contrib\snowball\src\java\org\tartarus\snowball\
> )  to that in snowball, since the most likely reason for these errors
> to exist is either if the Lucene developers have changed this file, or
> are using an old version.

Jep, they are using a modified Version[1]. The main difference seems to be  
the use of StringBuffer() instead of StringBuilder(). After changing two  
constructors (S_verb_form, S_noun_form) to StringBuffer() the latin  
stemmer compiles happily. I guess I have to proceed with the *real*  
integration now :)

Thnx for the fast help!



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