[Snowball-discuss] -nisse ending in German stemmer

Richard Boulton boulton.rj at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 16 10:59:40 GMT 2009

2009/12/16 Martin Porter <martin.porter at grapeshot.co.uk>:
> If I remember correctly, the test data is rebuilt automatically after
> modified algorithms have been put in place on the snowball site. There
> might I guess be a short time gap between installing a modified
> algorithm and rebuilding the data.
> I say "remember correctly" because it is a while now since an algorithm
> has been altered.
> Perhaps Richard Boulton could confirm this?

The test data isn't rebuilt automatically - it needs to be manually
updated.  The only thing which is automatically rebuilt is the
distribution tarballs on the snowball website.

I think I've updated the data in the past, which may be where the
confusion comes from...

I've just updated the data for the german stemmer again: you can see
the changes in the output at:

I've checked these, and they look reasonable to my eyes, but it would
be good if someone who speaks German could check that they make sense,


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