[Snowball-discuss] Pure-Python implementation of the Snowball stemmers

Martin Porter martin.f.porter at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 09:13:18 BST 2014


That is very nice news.

About a decade ago, I'd have created (or tried to create)  tarballs of
your work on the snowball site, with announcements and links for
downloading. Nowadays it is much easier and more useful to find it on
GitHub, and just to have a significant mention on the snowball site
with a link. I'll try and put that in place in the next few days.

The performance is a little disappointing however. I realise Python is
slower than C, but I thought it was still reasonably competitive with

There was an external Pascal codegenerator done a few years ago, but
apart from that this is the only codegenerator othere than the
"native" ones to C and java.


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