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Thu Sep 29 14:04:27 BST 2005

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Changes by:     simon
Revision:       6361
Date:           2005-09-29 14:04:26 +0100 (Thu, 29 Sep 2005)

Log message (9 lines):
Remove the error message `no text found in paragraph'. Aaron Brown
points out that it's perfectly possible to generate an empty
paragraph using legal Halibut syntax: a paragraph containing nothing
but a \#{...} comment will do the job, and is quite likely to happen
if you've commented out a load of Halibut code. Therefore, an empty
paragraph is now silently ignored rather than being an error
condition in itself; if you create an empty paragraph due to it
containing an unrecognised directive, then you'll get an error for
_that_ and only that.

Modified files:
U   halibut/error.c
U   halibut/halibut.h
U   halibut/input.c
U   halibut/inputs/test.but


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