[Xapian-discuss] Compiling problem

Penz, Bernhard Bernhard.Penz at fabasoft.com
Wed Dec 29 16:24:50 GMT 2004


I am compiling Xapian in a non-GNU/GCC environment (windows, that is),
and run into one minor problem.

The problematic line of code is in backends\quartz\btree.h

549:	static const string::size_type max_key_len = BTREE_MAX_KEY_LEN;

Seems that the gnu compiler is happy with that, although I doubt that
this is legal C++ syntax. This line of code causes a linker error
because Btree:max_key_len gets created multiple times. Proposed

549:	static const string::size_type max_key_len;

91 :  const string::size_type Btree::max_key_len = BTREE_MAX_KEY_LEN;

The rest of those parts that I need compile with lots of warnings, but
only because some typedefs are a bit different on the windows side.

Is there any interest on such fixes for non-GNU/GCC environment? If yes,
I'd be happy to provide patches!


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