[Xapian-discuss] Expected another key with the same term name

Richard Boulton richard at tartarus.org
Mon Jul 5 16:28:16 BST 2004

Francis Irving wrote:
> Just started getting this error when adding/changing entries in the
> TheyWorkForYou Xapian database.
> Exception: Expected another key with the same term name but found a
> different one at ./index.pl line 114.
> The line of code in my Perl indexing script is:
>         $db->add_document($::doc);
> What might I be doing that suddenly provokes this?  I have been
> stopping some indexing half way through, but surely that should
> be safe?  We're using 0.8.0 still, might upgrading help?

It's certainly worth upgrading.  Several bugs in the Quartz backend were 
fixed, a couple of which could have caused this problem:

* Fixed bug which meant we sometimes failed to remove a posting when
   deleting or replacing a document.

* Fixed PostlistChunkReader to take a copy of the postlist data being
   read to avoid problems with reading data from a string that's been

* Fixed bug in postlist merging which could occasionally extend a
   postlist chunk to overlap the docid range of the next chunk.

Hopefully 0.8.1 will fix the problem - let us know if not.


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