[Xapian-discuss] [ NUMBER OF SAMPLE ]

Richard Boulton richard at tartarus.org
Tue Jul 20 16:28:18 BST 2004

Boris Meyer wrote:
> I'm currently testing Xapian with Omega, all is running perfectly.
> But most of the time the "sample" result returned (extract from the 
> document while the indexing process) don't match the user query.
> Many positive results, but no Higlight, cause no match.
> Is it possible to extract more sample during the indexing process ?

I assume you're using omindex.  There is currently no command line 
option which allows you to change the sample size, but it is trivial to 
tweak the source so that a larger sample is produced.  Look at around 
line 423 of omindex.cc, and change the number 300 in the lines:

     if (sample.empty()) {
         sample = truncate_to_word(dump, 300);
     } else {
         sample = truncate_to_word(sample, 300);

to a larger value.  This number is the maximum size in bytes of the 
sample produced.

Hope this helps,


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