[Xapian-discuss] PHP set_bias and sorting in general

Francis Irving francis at flourish.org
Thu Nov 4 01:22:01 GMT 2004

Several questinos

1. I'm playing with set_bias from PHP, and get this error.

Fatal error: Type error in argument 3 of Enquire_set_bias. Expected
The line of code is:
enquire_set_bias($this->enquire, $weight, $halflife);

2. While on the subject, any idea when you'll add a proper API for bias? 

3. Any advice on selecting the weight for bias?  The halflife I can
guess at, but I'm not sure what scale of weight is sensible.

4. I've tried enquire_set_sorting from Perl and PHP and it doesn't seem
to do anything.  I've set values in the documents, and can use those
values with clustering no problem.  They just can't seem to be used to
influence sorting.  Any suggestions?  I can provide more info.

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