[Xapian-discuss] debs missing query templates

James Aylett james-xapian at tartarus.org
Tue Nov 23 15:16:31 GMT 2004

On Tue, Nov 23, 2004 at 02:15:34PM +0000, Richard Boulton wrote:

> Olly, James - have you any opinion on where the templates and images for
> omega should be installed by default?  Or, is there a good reason that
> we should never install them by default?  (If so, we could make them be
> installed by a special target which the debian build invokes.)

/usr/share/omega/images and /usr/share/omega/templates and so forth
would seem to be in keeping with Debian (although I haven't read the
maintainers' guide, as a Debian admin that's where I'd expect them to

> We also need to add the documentation to the omega package, really, and
> make man-pages for things, so there's some work to be done here.


man-wise, we only need scriptindex and omindex, don't we? It's still
not trivial, and man is a bit of a pig to write, frankly.

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