[Xapian-discuss] problem with add_document() in php-binding for xapian 1.0.4

Vasiliy Sergeev vasiliy.sergeev at sibers.com
Tue Nov 13 13:33:32 GMT 2007

Hi All,
I worked with xapian 0.9.10 and now decided to use xapian 1.0.4 with 
php5.2.2 on RHEL4 x86_64.
Xapian core and php-binding were successfully installed.
But simple test for adding docs to database caused segmentation fault.
$_xapianDB = Xapian::flint_open("database", Xapian::DB_CREATE_OR_OPEN);
$xapianDoc = new Xapian_Document();
$xapianDoc->add_value(1, 1000);
$xapianDoc->add_posting('1000', 1, 100000);
} catch (Exception $e) {
  echo "saving document  exception: ". $e->getMessage(). "\n";
Is there anybody who met this problem too? How did you solve it?

Looking forward to read your feedback,

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