PuTTY 0.53 is released

Simon Tatham anakin@pobox.com
Wed, 02 Oct 2002 12:26:17 +0100

PuTTY version 0.53 is released

All the pre-built binaries, and the source code, are now available
from the PuTTY website at


New features in this release include:

 - We now support simple printing, controlled from the SSH/Telnet

 - PuTTYgen can now import and export OpenSSH and ssh.com's SSH2
   private key formats.

 - We now supply an installer for download, as well as continuing to
   supply the individual executables and ZIP files we always have
   done. Those people who want to avoid installers can still do so;
   those people who prefer them can have one.

 - PuTTY now supports proxies: SOCKS, HTTP and simple Telnet.

 - More configurability.

 - Lots of bug fixes. In particular, high-traffic port forwarding
   applications should find much more stability.

Enjoy using PuTTY!

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