PuTTY 0.65 is released

Simon Tatham anakin at pobox.com
Sat Jul 25 12:08:04 BST 2015

PuTTY version 0.65 is released

All the pre-built binaries, and the source code, are now available
from the PuTTY website at


0.65 is a bug-fix release, with no significant new features over 0.64.
(In particular, the new cryptographic algorithms we are testing in the
development snapshots - elliptic curves, ChaCha20 etc - are *not* in
this release.)

Notable bugs fixed in this release:

 - The configuration dialog box became invisible in some Windows Vista
   display themes, as a side effect of a Windows security update which
   Microsoft released on 2015-06-09. In spite of the Windows update
   having triggered it, this was our bug, and it is now fixed.

 - The Windows PuTTY GUI could become unresponsive if the server sent
   a high-volume flood of data, because PuTTY would prioritise the
   incoming network events too highly and forget to ever check for GUI
   input. This bug was fixed once before, but reappered in 0.64; it is
   now fixed again.

 - PSFTP now exits with a failure status when a command fails in a
   batch-mode script.

 - Fixed some (non-security-critical) crashes in corner cases of SSH:
   when a connection-sharing downstream disconnects while the upstream
   is still doing authentication, and when a server sends a badly
   formatted key exchange packet.

 - PuTTY could sometimes reply to the terminal query code ESC [ 13 t
   (to report the current window position) with an invalid escape
   sequence containing a minus sign.

Despite this mostly being a bug-fix release, there are a couple of
minor new features:

 - The PuTTY Event Log now logs the source of incoming connections to
   local (and dynamic) forwarded ports, and in connection sharing mode
   it also logs the process id of downstreams connecting to it.

 - A performance improvement: when the Unix version of PuTTY is
   compiled for a 64-bit target using gcc or clang, the large-number
   cryptography (RSA, DSA) should now run at least twice as fast,
   because it processes numbers in 64-bit rather than 32-bit chunks.

Enjoy using PuTTY!

import hashlib; print (lambda p,q,g,y,r,s,m: m if (lambda w:(pow(g,int(hashlib.
 sha1(m).hexdigest(),16)*w%q,p)*pow(y,r*w%q,p)%p)%q)(pow(s,q-2,q))==r else "!"
 )(0xb80b5dacabab6145, 0xf70027d345023, 0x7643bc4018957897, 0x11c2e5d9951130c9,
 0xa54d9cbe4e8ab, 0x746c50eaa1910, "Simon Tatham <anakin at pobox.com>")

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