PuTTY 0.66 is released

Simon Tatham anakin at pobox.com
Sat Nov 7 15:13:22 GMT 2015

PuTTY version 0.66 is released

All the pre-built binaries, and the source code, are now available
from the PuTTY website at


This is a SECURITY UPDATE. We recommend that everybody upgrade, as
soon as possible.

This release fixes a security hole in the terminal emulation code.
Writing a particular escape sequence to the screen in a PuTTY terminal
session could cause the terminal code to read *and potentially write*
memory outside its own data structures. This might be exploitable, so
everybody should upgrade to a fixed version.

In addition to that security fix, some other bugs are fixed in this
release. Notable bugs fixed:

 - Windows PuTTY should now be able to accept arbitrary Unicode
   keypresses sent to it by other applications such as WinCompose.

 - Launching a saved session from a jump list in Windows 10 was
   reported to fail, and is now believed fixed.

 - Fixed a tight-loop bug when a connection-sharing upstream session
   terminated without closing the whole of PuTTY.

And a couple of new (small) features were added:

 - Command-line options in all tools to enable session logging.

 - In the log file name configuration, &P now interpolates the port
   number you told PuTTY to connect to.

Finally, be warned that we have regenerated the GPG keys we use to
sign our release binaries, to use up-to-date protocols and key
lengths. The new keys have been live on our website for two months
now, and are signed by a collection of free software developers who we
hope are well connected in the web of trust. Also, the old Master Keys
have signed the new one, so if you already trusted the old keys, then
that should smooth the upgrade path.

Enjoy using PuTTY!


import hashlib; print (lambda p,q,g,y,r,s,m: m if (lambda w:(pow(g,int(hashlib.
 sha1(m).hexdigest(),16)*w%q,p)*pow(y,r*w%q,p)%p)%q)(pow(s,q-2,q))==r else "!"
 )(0xb80b5dacabab6145, 0xf70027d345023, 0x7643bc4018957897, 0x11c2e5d9951130c9,
 0xa54d9cbe4e8ab, 0x746c50eaa1910, "Simon Tatham <anakin at pobox.com>")

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