[Xapian-discuss] Xapian on AMD64

Christiano Anderson anderson at pegasus.eti.br
Fri Aug 5 14:14:28 BST 2005

Em Qui, 2005-08-04 às 16:17 +0100, James Aylett escreveu:

> Okay. Also interesting would be 32bit executable on the 64bit OS,
> since then differences in efficiency of kernel services, libraries and
> so on won't affect the test. Although, given the likelihood of people
> running 32bit binaries on 64bit linux, this isn't that important.

Yes, it's a good test. I will try it.


> Ooh, I've built a 64bit Xapian on Solaris/Sparc. That was unpleasantly
> difficult, though. libtool and/or g++-as-ld doesn't play well with C++
> 64bit builds. Yuck, yuck, yuck. And I'm still trying to build the test
> suite :-(

What happen when you try to compile under Solaris? Are you using gcc
packages from sunfreeware? 


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